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My experience in Mercury's consciousness dimension enabled me to develop my intelligence and talent for communication. These mercurial abilities have also been carried out previously in a previous life in ancient Egypt, where I occupied the functions of scribe.
       So I possess significant intellectual potential that harmonize with my feelings and emotions. Several variables can influence the way I expressed my talents today, but the most important factor is undoubtedly my free will.
       My mind is versatile and ingenious, and this mental acuity could be noticed in my conversations.


                             THE SCRIBE & The Cerberus

You will feel a penchant for independent careers, and you like yourself direct the course of your life. It could be that your father is active temperament, strong, impulsive, or its occupation involves aggressive or dangerous activities (police, military, labor, minor, operation etc.) His personal history does not seem easy, leading some consequences in the family.
       Your health will not be as robust as it should be if you do not pay attention to your diet and you do not have a regular program of physical activity. Watch your intake of iron and fiber, and tries to find ways to manage your stress. All this will greatly improve your physical constitution.
       Having experienced the rigorous size of Mars into your earthly incarnations, there may be a conflict between your passion and enthusiasm on one side, and your sensitivity and your emotions on the other. So you could occasionally put your feet in the dishes. For example, despite your desire to not let you dominate your past karma might bring you to meet people or even aggressive partners.
       In a previous life, you could have been an American pioneer. The frightening or painful experiences that you lived then could come back in the form of emotional challenges. Life will present you probably opportunities to resolve disputes involving separations and souls that you have known in previous incarnations where conflicts were frequent but remained unresolved.
       These challenges will be more difficult to face if your attitudes are somewhat combative and diplomats. If the strong energy that you experienced in some previous lives and during the stay of your soul in the size of Mars into your earthly incarnations are not moderated by exercising your will, you will meet difficulties in your personal, family and friendly. It seems important that you develop the patience, tolerance and understanding.
       Keep in mind that the influences at work at your relationships are the RESULT of choices and gestures you have posed in the past. These influences are NEVER on top of your free will and your freedom of choice. For example, you can choose not to act only by selfishness and inspire others to believe more in themselves, regardless of whether the encountered influences. You will live more inner dilemmas if you do not manage to find a balance between your earthly passions and your spiritual aspirations.
       The following statement, as you can rephrase in your own words and repeat during your periods of meditation, Thee will be very useful: "I learn more and more to manage my emotions, my desires and impulses I become. diplomat and more from now, what others may say or do has less power to offend me. I develop toward other constructive attitude, treating them as I would like them to treat me, it which allows me to get along with all who cross my path. "
This astrological aspect present you several opportunities for gains as losses in this life, according to your choice and your free will. Remember that you have the opportunity to meet the challenges offered!
       You notice of course the details with remarkable precision, although these details may seem insignificant to others. This characteristic can be a positive quality if properly expressed.
       However, your temperament is not always easy, and you know what you want and why you want it, not thinking it necessary to question you about it. Too much independence in your actions and your thoughts could be dangerous, leading you to think your way to you is always the best.
       You also possess the talent needed to direct people. If you can occupy a position allowing you to express your leadership abilities, you might have more difficulty controlling your mood or your tantrums, especially in your personal relationships. The person who never gets angry is to complain, but one that can not control his anger is even more!
       Your trends possessiveness or selfishness must be mastered. One way to do this would be through writing or scientific pursuits. Another interesting point is that you possess a natural talent for working with anything that is mechanical, because of your ability to observe the technical details. If you think you do not possess any literary talent, the best way to convince you otherwise is to start writing. This will allow you to bring help and inspiration to others while allowing you to gain a better understanding of mankind.
       It would benefit you to wear red coral on you to balance your constructively combative energies. Vibratory benefits will further increase if the coral directly touches your skin.
       This is one of the wealthiest astrological aspects that can be found in a horoscope, as it indicates a deep faith and highly developed spiritual forces. People of a very high spiritual level, with which you have established links in the past lives, will be placed in your way, and you will attract you also financial prosperity.
       Your afterlife experiences in the spheres of Jupiter will give you opportunities to travel great distances, to mix a large number of individuals, to meet people from other cultures and naturally control subjects from ancient times. You probably lived in times when great changes were introduced in the economic spheres, intellectual, cultural and religious among the inhabitants of the planet. It also seems that you have lived at least once in the Holy Land, and the souls that you seek then known once again the wisdom of your advice for their spiritual elevation.
       In everything you do, try to perceive, feel and understand that love, beauty, hope, grace and patience are the most essential elements of your experiences in the Universe, or at all. So try to see the challenges and difficulties of the past as stepping stones rather than as obstacles on your way. Realize that each of these difficulties has enriched your understanding so that you can share with others more love and beauty manifested in the Truth.
       Although the combined influences of Venus and Jupiter possible to enjoy the prosperity and abundance, try to always keep in mind the universal law manage the action of giving and receiving (also known as the principle that there is a price to pay for everything, or that you can not enjoy both butter and butter money). If you want people to love you, you must love (or at least be friendly). If you want to experience the advantages of prosperity and social and economic success, you must understand that law. We only lend to the rich!
       Your greatest work in life will be to encourage the person who needs it, to give courage and strength to those who have lost the knowledge of the divine presence within them. If you place your energies in that sense, you could well finish the mission of your soul in this incarnation, and so free you of the perpetual cycle of reincarnation for not having to return to Earth.
     You generally adopted an attitude that is both simple and refined with the people you love. Your disarming charm, combined with exceptional integrity, will attract you throughout your life people will want to support you and support you, even if it will not necessarily financially. Except for the fact to allow you to more easily recharge you in contact with water, Neptune's influence is primarily spiritual, and far beyond the world of three dimensions.
       You could have worn the clothes of the monk, priest or religious in a relatively distant past, and before that, at the time of Christ, you could have evolved in the Holy Land in the Essene communities. Your desire the joy of service and proven to devote you to your spiritual evolution have enabled you to experience the unconditional love dimensions attributed to Venus and Neptune. So you chose to be born when the angular distance between Venus and Neptune reflected the trajectory described by the flights of your soul.
       Having, in past lives, manifested a spirit of service, tolerance and compassion for your fellow enable you to tie into this a deep bond of love with a person on a similar spiritual path Cheers.
       You possess latent artistic and musical talents, along with a powerful intuition that could even be developed to clairvoyance. If you encourage the expression of your potential, you could touch and inspire people deeply by your creativity and inspiration. The greatest opportunities and benefits reach you when you calmeras your mind to enter the depths of your being and drink you to your Inner Source. This will be more easily accomplished if you walk in silence to get you to listen to your inner voice. Religious figures corresponding to your personal religious beliefs also bring you consolation and guidance if you do use them. Keep in mind your spiritual evolution as much in moments of joy and pleasure in moments of pain and suffering.
       In the past several lives, you have advised and encouraged more people. In modern life, you can still share with others your faith and wisdom. Some music, some mantras, and nature sounds such as waves, wind and birdsong allow you to balance your energy and raise your vibration.
       Latent or manifest your talents (according to your choice) as well as the opportunities that will present to you throughout your life result from your past lives and your soul travels between your incarnations in the spiritual dimension of Venus and Neptune. However, it takes you realize that no influence may be stronger than your individual choices. So the development of your talents as well as changes in your spiritual progress depends entirely on the ideals that you keep in mind, and the application of your will to achieve these same goals and ideals. Once a soul has advanced to the level where you are, strength and purity of intention far beyond any influence, whether from past lives or astrological aspects at birth.





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